A Life Activated

  • Welcome to A Life Activated!  We are Aaron and Alisa Dabney, a husband and wife team of biohacking entrepreneurs. We met on a blind date while attending Baylor University, and settled near Waco, Texas where we’ve lived ever since. 

    Aaron has made his career as a professional flight instructor, and owns a respected flight school in Waco.  Alisa is the true brains of the outfit, with a degree in computer science and an analyst position in a university IT department. 

    We’ve always loved travel and adventure, and we’ve always had a drive to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  In 2013, we discovered a system that allows us to leverage the bureoning science of biohacking into a residual income stream. 

    That discovery and the process that came with it has changed our lives in ways we could never have anticipated, and has taught us valuable lessons.  Now, it’s our passion to share what we’ve discovered!